Paint People and Animals

Paint People and Animals   

There is something more to the drawing that needs developing.

One character or many together.

Sizes 20x16", 10x8" or bigger. 

a Windy Hair DSCN1598 (3).JPG
POIMG_20200727_132442-01 (2).jpeg
opIMG_20200803_191528 (1).jpg

Red Shopper

16x20" Oil on Board

Black Cat

8x 10" Oil on Canvas

Young Luca

8x10" Oil on Canvas

Girl in the Wind

24x30cm Oil on Canvas

a Pulling Dog DSCN1605 (2).JPG

Man with Running Dog

10x8" Acrylic on Canvas

OPIMG_20200803_191332 (2).jpg

Blue Traveller

8x10" Oil on Canvas


Windy Woman and Dog

10x8" Oil on Canvas


Rush Hour Collapse

70x50cm Oil on Canvas


Half Term on the Tube

20x16" Oil on Canvas

For sale 


  •  6x4"   Oil on Canvas or Board £65 inc p&p

  • 10x8"  Oil on Canvas or Board £90 inc p&p        

  • 20x16" and Larger Oil on Canvas or Board individually priced to include p&p


Prints of the Original Painting

  • A5 Print  on A4 Card £25, inc p&p

  • A4 Print on A4 Card £25, inc p&p 

  • A4 Print on A3 Card £40, inc p&p

  • A3 Print 0n A3 Card, £40, inc p&p 

  • A5 Print mounted to 10x8" £30 inc p&p 


All Paintings and Prints 

Signed by the Artist

With Certificate of Authenticity 

Canvas and Board packed with protective layers

Prints on Thick White Acid Free Card 290gsm

Posted in plastic pocket and card backed envelopes

All sizes fit standard size frames

Recommend frames with mounts

The Artist A (2).jpg

The Artist

70x5cm Oil on Canvas

OPIMG_20200730_141423 (2).jpg
Seagull Super IMG_20190628_075921 (5).jp

Trolly Trouble

20x16" Oil on Canvas

Seagull Supper

16x20" Oil on Canvas

High Street Fall

20x16" Oil on Canvas

OPIMG_20200730_141544 (2).jpg


20x16" Oil on Canvas

OPIMG_20200730_141617 (2).jpg

New Year

16x22"? Oil on Canvas

POIMG_20200727_130550-02 (2).jpeg


8x10" Oil on Canvas

OPIMG_20200803_191135 (2).jpg

Reluctant Dog in the Rain

12x10"? Oil on Canvas

OPIMG_20200730_122626-01 (3).jpeg


16x20" Oil on Canvas

POIMG_20200730_141242 (2).jpg

Deansgate Couple

8x10" Oil on Canvas

OPIMG_20200730_141514 (2).jpg

Yellow Mack

20x16" Oil on Canvas

WPIMG_20200730_123009-01 (2).jpeg

Steading Door

16x22"? Oil on Canvas

POIMG_20200727_133122 (3).jpg

What Me?? Romany

8x10" Oil on Canvas

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Copyright of all images remains with the artist unless otherwise negotiated